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Started June 2, 2006 @ 4:21am by otter
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FlexCMS 2.0 RELEASED!June 2, 2006 @ 4:21am
The FlexCMS Development Team is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest FlexCMS release, version 2.0! With this release come several highly anticipated features, as well as many small tweaks and requested features.

By far the largest part of this release is our brand new eStore/eCommerce package. Functioning just like any other FlexCMS module with its one-click, no-download installation, this module allows you to create your very own online store in minutes! Along with all the features you?d expect, such as unlimited products and categories, item options such as size or color, and a shopping cart check-out and payment process, it also includes some functions and options found only in massive packages costing thousands on their own! Here are just some of the features and functions available to you:

- Easy to use administration interface that lets you quickly and effortlessly manage every aspect of your online store.

- Charge sales taxes at the national, state/provincial, or local/county level, or any combination of several.

- Automatically calculate shipping rates with USPS Priority Mail based on the weight of the order, or by the criteria of your choice including weight, number of items, or the value of order. You can also offer free or fixed-rate shipping, and add handling or service fees to any of the above if you wish to.

- Manage inventory for your products, and automatically display ?Out Of Stock? labels when you run out. You can also determine a point at which the actual quantity remaining is displayed, such as ?Only 4 Left!?. If you desire you can also set certain products to have an unlimited stock, such as those you manufacture yourself.

- Address management, allowing your customers to enter their addresses only once and re-use them for future purchases. If you choose to allow it, customers may also designate separate shipping and billing addresses.

- Order tracking and customer email notification, when the order is placed, payment is received, and the shipment has been sent. Details of the payment such as the transaction or check number, as well as shipping information such as a tracking number, can also be added to the order for future reference.

- Regular or comparison prices on any products you wish, allowing you to create a sale or highlight your everyday low prices.

- Two levels of item options, such as colors, sizes, styles, or anything you wish. You can also set prices and inventory individually for each option.

- Up to ten quantity-based pricing levels for each item, allowing you to offer price breaks at any levels you wish.

- Teaser descriptions and automatically generated thumbnails, small, and large version photos to help you show off your products.

- Unlimited category levels and automatic ?bread crumb? navigation links, as well as the ability to list each product in up to five categories.

- Accept payment online with PayPal as well as offline by check or money order (with printable send-in order form).

Also included in this version of FlexCMS is our new Backup and Restore feature, which allows you to create a complete backup of your site?s database, source files, and images, in just a couple easy clicks without leaving your control panel. Download the backup files to your local system, or leave them on your website for easy future restorations. Restoration of your backups is quick and easy too ? just select the backup file you wish to use from the list and your site is restored back to the point of the backup.

AND as an added bonus, we?ve also added many other small features and tweaks that you?ve requested. Here?s a list of the main ones included in this release:

*GUESTBOOK - Two guestbook improvements to help prevent spamming and unwanted garbage. First, a new system has been developed to help prevent automated submissions to the guestbook. This has also been applied to the other email forms on the site, such as the message board and articles. In addition to this, an approval system has also been added, which you may enable or disable based on your needs. Optional email notifications can also been sent to an address of your choosing, letting you know there?s been a new posting that needs your attention.

*COUNTRIES LIST - The countries list on the registration form is now easily modified to suit your site?s user base. Select any and all countries you wish to allow user registrations from. Also available is the ability to pre-select it to the country where your site is located for additional convenience.

*LINKS MANAGEMENT - Unlimited categories and sub categories on the links module, along with automatically generated ?bread crumb? navigation links. The ability to list each link in up to five different categories has also been added.

*NEWS/ARTICLES - Similar to the links module, unlimited categories and sub categories have also been added to the news/articles module, along with the same automatically generated ?bread crumb? navigation links. The ability to list each in up to five different categories has also been added.

*NEW USER NOTIFICATION - Notification of new user accounts is now available for those who wish to be notified when new guests register on your site. This can be sent to any address you choose.

*PAGE MANAGeMENT - Printable version and email function links have been added to the pages system. You can turn either or both on for any pages you wish through the pages administration area.

*PHOTO GALLERY - Back/Next buttons and a pop-out slideshow for photo galleries has been added.

*COUNTER & STATS - Slight modifications to the counter and stats package have been made to help higher traffic sites view the reports properly and more quickly. Also added is a projection of the month?s pageviews total after the first three days have elapsed.

NOTE: To make room for all these features requested by our users, a few others previously announced have been set aside for a future version. This includes revisions to the modules system, as well as the installation package. We hope to bring these to you in the near future, along with many other great features and options.

We will also be releasing several exciting new templates soon, so stay tuned to the Template Gallery for those!

ONLINE DEMO: The online demo has been updated to version 2.0 and is available here.

DOWNLOAD: Version 2.0 is now available for your downloading pleasure on the Downloads page, in both a new installation ?full? version, and an existing version 1.3 sites ?update? version. In either case, simply download and extract the zip file and follow the included instructions.

As always, please feel free to post in the forums (or contact support directly for those with paid licenses) if you require any assistance installing or using FlexCMS.

ONLINE TRAINING CLASSES FOR FLEXCMS IN MAY: FlexCMS Basics (101), Sat., May, 15, 2010 & FlexCMS Blocks (Mon., May 10, 2010).

Last Edit: June 2, 2006 @ 11:45pm by otter

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