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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an online DEMO of FlexCMS?

Yes. In addition to using our own product pretty much out of the box (minor customizations to content, etc.) so you see basically what your site will look like after you install it, we also provide a live demo for your review/testing, if you prefer not to try our Free version on your server.

Please note, we can only provide you with approximately 97% of the features as doing more could jeopardize our server security. Excluded from the demo are the ability to create or modify PHP enabled content, and to modify the site settings like directories and cookies.

You will be automatically logged into our demo by clicking here. Other demo usernames/passwords are as follows:

Content Editor level:Basic User level:
USERNAME: content_editor
USERNAME: basic_user
Note: This demo can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. It's not uncommon for you to make a change, then have that change disappear a minute later. This is due to other users updating the same records as you. Please keep this in mind while you test FlexCMS.
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Do I have to register with FlexCMS in order to download it?

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Do I have to have an active domain name to use FlexCMS?

Technically, Yes. If you want to be able to install FlexCMS immediately, you must have a registered domain name and web hosting provider (see server requirements).  If you don't have either and/or both, we offer domain name registration services (see "Search Who Is Now!" menu block on the left) as well as hosted FlexCMS packages (free installation if requested).

However, if you wish you may test our FREE version locally on your workstation* or intranet as long as it meets the minimum FlexCMS server requirements

If you need more information or assistance, please complete our Contact Us form.

*Compatibility with Windows has had only limited testing, and any other platforms are unknown at this point.  Due to the individual workstation components and/or OS versions, we cannot guarantee that FlexCMS will work on every local workstation.  However, FlexCMS has been successfully installed on both Win98SE and Win2000 as well as variations of Linux.  While we'll do our best to assist you in getting your local workstation running with FlexCMS, we recommend you review our support forum for common problem/solutions before contacting us directly.  In the event we are unable to resolve any individual local workstation issue, please visit our online Demo to begin the FlexCMS experience immediately.
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How do I upgrade my free FlexCMS License to Standard or Professional?

In order to upgrade your FlexCMS license, you simply need to login to your FlexCMS account at http://www.FlexCMS.com. Then under the Clients menu block, you'll see a hyperlink that says Manage Licenses. Click on that hyperlink and you'll be redirected to your Manage License(s) area.  From there, click either the "Upgrade to Standard" or "Upgrade to Professional" hyperlink and you'll be given choices for payment options and guided through the remaining upgrade process.


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Is FlexCMS open source software?

While the technology used to develop and maintain FlexCMS is open source (PHP, MySQL), FlexCMS is not part of the GNU Public License agreement. You may NOT reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the FlexCMS software for distribution or usage outside your web site excluding those applications described in our License Agreement.
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