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Products & Pricing

FlexCMS is available in three different editions to suit your requirements. We also offer hosted versions of all three (see below for details).

Software Only (Requires an existing hosting account or server) **NOW ONE TIME FEE ONLY**

Hosted (Includes FlexCMS license as well as hosting services provided by our partner Webbed Hosting)
"Unlimited" features are limited by the storage space available to the account, and server or operating system limits may still apply. Please allow 24-48 hours for setup of new hosted accounts after receipt of payment and verification of the purchaser.

Please Note: The "Forced Advertising" section above does not mean you can't put ads on your site (in fact, with FlexCMS' blocks system it's very easy to add them to your site if you wish!), simply that we don't force our own advertising onto your site the way some other packages and hosting companies do.
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