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Web Developer FAQ's

Attention Web Developers: Your clients can update and modify their website content themselves directly from any computer in the world. And by using FlexCMS' restricted editing permission levels, you can be sure that you stay in control of your design and layout!

This page provides just a few our frequently asked web developer questions. If you do not find the answer to what you are looking for here, please visit our FAQ's page and support forum to see if you question has been answered there. If not, simply use our Contact Us page and submit your question to our support team.



I need a place to host my clients' sites or co-locate my server, can you do this?

Yes! FlexCMS offers services to web developers, including web hosting, domain name registration and more! Check out our Products & Pricing page, Related Services for more information.
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Do you offer any discounts if I purchase more than one license?

Yes. We offer discounts for purchases of five or more licenses. The price for each license decreases depending on the number of licenses you wish to purchase in a single transaction:

* 5-19 Licenses - 10% discount per license
* 20 to 39 Licenses - 20% discount per license

To qualify for the discounts, you must purchase all licenses in one transaction.
If you wish to purchase more than 39 licenses, please contact our sales team for more information on bulk order pricing.
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How long does it take to get my license information?

Free FlexCMS licenses are granted automatically upon installation. If you are purchasing a basic or professional license, it will be upgraded as soon as payment is received. In the meantime the site will continue to function with the previous license level.

If you upgrade from our FREE version to the Basic or Pro version you'll need to login to your FlexCMS site to Synchronize License Keys (located in your Control Panel) and your site will be instantly upgraded.
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Do you offer any reseller or affiliate programs?


Web developers are free to resell FlexCMS to their clients.  You can even charge whatever you think you can get for it above our license fee, but you must have a legal license for each client running a website utilizing FlexCMS. 
We also offer a branded reseller option as well, please contact us for specific details.
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FlexCMS Licensing: Do I pay for my clients FlexCMS license or do they have to pay you directly?

The beauty of FlexCMS is that you have the choice to register each client site with us from your own account or have your client pay us directly by registering for their own license. We've found that most web developers prefer to have one area where they can manage all their FlexCMS client accounts and you can easily manage them under your FlexCMS id at FlexCMS.com.

If you prefer to have FlexCMS automatically bill your client for license fees, simply direct them to our site and have them register and pay the license fees.
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How much web space do I need to install and run FlexCMS on my server?

The FlexCMS software takes up LESS than 6 mb upon installation. We recommend a minimum of 10-15mb to run a small website. You may also wish to verify the amount of storage space your hosting provider allows for your MySQL databases.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes. As long as your server meets our Requirements and you provide us with the necessary access to your server, we will install FlexCMS for you. For specific rates, please contact our sales team.

Revised: April 2009

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