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Welcome to FlexCMS - Content Management System!

What Is FlexCMS?
FlexCMS is a user-friendly website content management system.  With FlexCMS you can easily build dynamic websites within a matter of minutes with just the click of your mouse!  Maintain your web content, navigation and even limit what groups or specific users can access, from anywhere in the world with just a web browser!  With an emphasis on security and functionality, FlexCMS is a professional and robust system suitable for any business or organization website.  Built on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database, FlexCMS delivers superb performance on any size website.

Why Do I Need FlexCMS?  What Can It Do For Me?

The real power of a content management system (CMS) package comes from separating content and presentation.  No longer will you need to make the same change over and over on each page of your site, since FlexCMS builds your entire site dynamically based on a common template.  And speaking of templates, FlexCMS includes more than 60 different styles and colors to help give your site the look you desire!  Say goodbye to boring static pages, too, as FlexCMS lets you easily display the current date and time, calendar and upcoming events, scheduled content, random text or images, and so much more, without requiring any changes to the site to keep it fresh and interesting!  FlexCMS will help you keep an organized and consistent look and feel to your website, and allow you to become more productive as well!

FlexCMS helps you make your site functional too!  Included right out of the box are a calendar, message board/forum, guestbook, photo gallery, email newsletter, links manager, news/articles, and counter/stats package!  You can mix and match these modules at any time with a single click in your control panel -- no more hours spent messing with files or databases again!  Management and maintenance tasks associated with all the modules may also be delegated to other members of your organization as you see fit!
Cost Savings

Not only does FlexCMS make your website professional and functional, it saves you time and money too!  For example, in the past if you wanted to have a sale or special announcement appear on the front page of your website, the page would have to be created and uploaded when it was to appear, then replaced with the original page again when it was over.  And chances are it probably wouldn't happen exactly when you wanted, not to mention the cost involved if you didn't have the skills required to do this.  With FlexCMS, this same process couldn't be easier!  You simply create the page and specify the start and end dates, right down to the hour or minute if desired, and the page will be added and removed automatically!  Now you can create all the required pages on your terms at no additional cost, and FlexCMS gives you the power to set up your pages as far in the future as you desire!


Why Choose FlexCMS Over Other Content Management Systems?

Three words:  Flexible, Powerful, Affordable!
 Flexible - FlexCMS is based on a framework using interchangeable modules including a message board/forum, calendar, photo gallery, email newsletter, guestbook, and more!  They can all be installed into your site in seconds with a single click of the mouse, and with no downloads or programming required!  FlexCMS also includes more than 40 template styles and colors to let you easily adjust the look and feel of your site as desired.  With zero programming FlexCMS can be adjusted in hundreds of ways to get the functional, professional website you're looking for!
 Powerful - FlexCMS is loaded with features and options which do not compromise the speed in which pages are delivered to your visitors.  In fact, FlexCMS' page build times are far less than most other content management systems available.  And don't be fooled by the price; FlexCMS is as powerful and feature-rich as some other packages ten times its price!
 Affordable - We understand that not everyone has a huge budget for software applications, and as such, we offer several FlexCMS packages including hosted solutions and domain name registration services. In addition to our FREE version, our introductory packages start at just $39.99 per year. Check out our Products & Pricing page for more information.
FlexCMS includes more bells and whistles than we can fit on a single page!  Click here to view more of the exciting features that come standard with FlexCMS!

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