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Server Requirements

This page outlines the server specifications recommended to properly use FlexCMS.  If you are unsure whether your server or hosting provider will support FlexCMS, we encourage you to try the free version and test it out.  You can instantly upgrade to the paid plans at any point without losing any content or settings.  
Minimum Requirements
PHP 4.3+ (fully compatible with PHP 5)
- GD module required for image resizing in Photo Gallery, eCommerce, News/Articles, and File Manager
- PHP Mail() function (external SMTP mail servers not currently supported)
- Sockets support is recommended but not required
- Works with PHPSuExec (recommended)
- Works with Register Globals off (recommended)
MySQL 4 or 5
- Table prefixes may be used if you don't have a dedicated database available
One of the following browsers to use the HTML page editor:
- Internet Explorer 5.5+
- FireFox 1.5+
- Safari 3.0+
- Opera 9.50+
- Google Chrome
- Camino 1.0+
Our Development Environments

Tested and Developed on (at the time of latest release):
RedHat Linux 7 / CentOS 5.2 / Fedora Linux 5
Apache 1.3.29 - 2.0.63
PHP 4.3.3 - 5.2.5
MySQL version 4.0.15 - 5.0.67


If using Apache, the most recent version is strongly recommended for security reasons.
  Compatibility with Windows servers has had only limited testing but has been successful for Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Pro.  Any other platforms are unknown at this point.  If you have any problems installing FlexCMS on a Windows platform, please reivew our support forum for more information or contact us directly so we can further assist you. 

We would appreciate any feedback you can provide about your experiences installing and using FlexCMS on any of the major hosting companies, or anything other than listed above.

If you would rather let someone else handle the server requirements, we also offer hosted plans with optional pre-installation of FlexCMS. Visit our
Products & Pricing page for more information.

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