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FlexCMS License Agreement

FlexCMS Software License Agreement
Rev. March 7, 2005

This License Agreement governs the usage of the FlexCMS software package, distributed at http://www.flexcms.com and by authorized resellers, referred to in this agreement as "FlexCMS", "the package", or "the Software". By downloading, viewing, registering or installing this package, you ("Licensee") agree to be bound by the terms set forth in this document.


FlexCMS is licensed per website, determined by unique internet domain names. Each license may be used for only one domain name, and is limited (both technically and legally) to the domain name it was licensed for.

Each license entitles you to install and use the package on one internet website for the term of the license. If you operate multiple websites or domain names, multiple licenses will be required for installation on those.

FlexCMS may be used for an unlimited number of visitors or pageviews, and there is no limit to the hardware configuration (processors, etc) that it may be used on. We do not guarantee, however, that it will be suitable on all hardware configurations, nor for an unlimited level of usage.

The Software may not be modified or altered in any way except for your own usage and that of your direct clients. Any modifications may not be sold, published, or otherwise distributed without written permission.

No Reverse Engineering. Licensee agrees not to modify, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile the Software, or any portion thereof.

Licensee agrees to use all reasonable efforts to protect the Software from unauthorized use, modification, reproduction, distribution or publication. You are not permitted to make any uses or copies of the Software that are not specifically authorized by the terms of this License Agreement, and FlexCMS reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to you. Your adherence to this License Agreement will allow FlexCMS to continue developing innovative and useful products and providing a high level of customer service and support.


The code, technologies, structures, processes, techniques, inner workings, or any other unique component of the Software may not be documented, sold, published, or otherwise distributed for any reason without written permission. No person who has not agreed to the terms of this license shall be permitted to view the source code of any portion of the package, directly or indirectly.

Derivative works, such as modules, modifications, templates, or any other software package that relies on any part of FlexCMS, may not be sold, published, or otherwise distributed without written permission. Any derivative works based upon, using, interacting with, or using portions of FlexCMS, may be incorporated into future versions of FlexCMS or used for any other purpose without the author's permission or credit required.

Any bug, flaw, or other incorrect behavior caused by the software which concerns the security or stability of the package may not be disclosed to the public. Such reports are to be made to the development team, who will evaluate them and attempt to issue a solution or course of action as quickly as possible to prevent the package from being compromised on a large scale.


Authorization to remove or modify output of copyright notices can be obtained from FlexCMS for a fee. This fee authorizes you to remove the output of copyright notices: it does not give you authorization to remove any copyright notices in the program source files or any other rights. Branded Reseller labeling is also available for a fee. Please contact us for more information.


Should there be a breach of any portion of this agreement, at our discretion the license may be terminated (causing the site to cease functioning and display a message that the license has expired). Also at our discretion, paid license fees may be forfeited and further legal action may be undertaken.


This agreement may be modified at any time without notification. We will endeavor to inform clients about any changes that may affect them, however we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.


Should you have any questions or comments about this agreement, we encourage you to contact us. You may do so by emailing sales@flexcms.com or by completing our Contact Us form.

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All Rights Reserved. Software License Agreement

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