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Upgrade to version 2 minor problems
Started June 2, 2006 @ 8:57pm by notdodgy
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Upgrade to version 2 minor problemsJune 2, 2006 @ 8:57pm

I think I have solved my problems, but they could affect others.

I have enabled the option to use index instead of index.php

Your upgrade instructions could include a reminder to save a copy of the new "index.php" as "index".
(I had a version mismatch error)

Also browser caching meant that some of the updates and new features were not seen until I reloaded the page.



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June 5, 2006 @ 2:56pm
Hi Roger,

Thank you for your comments!

Your suggestion to remind people that if they have chosen to rename the core file to something else in our update instructions is a good one and duly noted.

We do have a topic in the forum about this very thing and mention at the end of it:

"Also keep in mind that you've done this when you go to install modules, patches, or upgrades."

You can find that topic here:

I have included it on the actual upgrade instructions online now as well and we will add it as a reminder to all next time we package FlexCMS.

As for the cached browser issue, as you probably figured out, this is nothing related to the FlexCMS install, it is dependent upon the settings in your browser. For instance, if you had your settings (under Tools, Internet, Temporary Internet files - Settings) selected to Check for newer versions of stored pages:

Every visit to the page

you wouldn't have had to refresh/reload the page to see the update.

And thanks for being a beta tester for our anti-spam Guestbook. We've heard from many that it works really well too.


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