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FlexCMS 2.0 Bug & Enhancement Release
Started June 7, 2006 @ 11:08pm by otter
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FlexCMS 2.0 Bug & Enhancement ReleaseJune 7, 2006 @ 11:08pm
Several minor bugs have now been fixed in the FlexCMS eCommerce module. Any downloads of the 'full' or 'update' packages before June 7, 2006 @ 7:11 pm EDT should be downloaded again, and any installations made from those files should be updated.

To update an existing version 2.0 installation, simply download the 'update' package, and replace the php files in the main sources folder with those in the download. No database changes are needed, and you should NOT run the 'update.php' script.

Files updated in this release (if you wish to replace just those files which have been modified):


Fixes in this release include:

inc-ec-admin-store-products.php - small bug where the 5 category dropdowns for the new product form all defaulted to the most recent category, instead of just the first one.

inc-ec-admin-reports.php - small bug corrected where "December 1999" was displayed in the monthly breakdown when no orders existed in the system yet.

inc-ec-admin-store-orders-modify-save.php - small bug corrected where having a single quote in the site's name caused a MySQL error when adding payment or shipping information to an order.

inc-ec-admin-store-products_new_clone.php, inc-ec-admin-store-products_new_clone_save.php -- small bug corrected where cloning would incorrectly save options with a blank stock/inventory box as having no stock, rather than the intended setting of not tracking the stock.

inc-ec-idx.php -- bug corrected where an sql error was created building the navigation breadcrumb links when a database table prefix was in use.

If you don't have or anticipate having any of these problems (such as if you have no plans to use the eCommerce package), there's no need to do anything. If the are having them, or wish to be sure they're fixed just in case, simply download the 'update' package and overwrite the files listed with the ones from the package.

Also, make sure the newly uploaded files are properly chmodded/permissioned so that the backup and restore package can function correctly. You may also wish to create a new backup file afterwards, to avoid overwriting the new files with the old ones from the backup again in the future.

If you have any questions or comments about this release, or require assistance updating or installing it, please open a new topic in the appropriate section of the forums.

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