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Banning the evil robots ?
Started October 19, 2006 @ 11:26pm by ddelor
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Banning the evil robots ?October 19, 2006 @ 11:26pm
You have been great help to us keeping the bad posts from being submitted in our guestbook and forums. I do still notice a lot of traffic hitting any page with a submit button. On the guestbook sometimes it will show over a dozen at any given time on the guestbook submit page , some showing as being there for over 3 hours! No posts get through but this must be a headache for hosting companies dealing with the bandwidth usage.

I am always trying to keep up on security for our site and computer and have seen several places recommend this add-on script Bad Behavior Do you think this would work with FlexCMS? I am also trying to learn more about .htaccess ,possibly banning some countries or those with phoney IP's.

No problems, I just would like opinions from anyone else with more experience, how they deal with security on their site. My knowledge is limited to being able to follow instructions, not what it means!


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October 22, 2006 @ 11:10pm
Hey Donna,

I had a look at that script, and although it looks interesting, I'm not sure it's the perfect solution to the problem.

While something with that approach (blocking the request before the page is actually served) would reduce the amount of bandwidth used, unless you have a really high traffic site or huge bandwidth costs, the effect should be minimal.

As for banning access based on IP addresses, I've always been very opposed to doing that. The ownership and usage of IP addresses can change at any time, so your chances of actually blocking the person or organization causing you problems is quite slim. They know people block them, so they'll likely just use a different address every time. Also, if you block just one legitimate visitor to your site (be that a friend, customer, or whatever the site is being used for), you've most likely lost far more than you gained by keeping the spammers out.

As always, we'll be looking for ways to throw the spammers some more curves with each new version of FlexCMS!


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