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Newsletter settings-email stuff
Started April 27, 2007 @ 4:34pm by cinder
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Newsletter settings-email stuffApril 27, 2007 @ 4:34pm
Hello there. I'm working on the newsletter module and have a couple of questions.

When I select the "Modify Settings and Preferences" for the newsletter, the only thing showing up on that page is Title Alignment - is there supposed to be more things to work with on that page? Is there any place where I can change the automatic approval process? I.E., I would like to have an opt-in confirmation email sent - currently I don't see anywhere to change this.

ALso, I want to add a link to the welcome email for a free download gift - where are the email templates located?

Thanks much! Cris

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April 27, 2007 @ 5:58pm
Hi Cinder,

The default for subscriptions (for those who sign up directly on your website) is for confirmation email to be sent. So you do not need to do anything to change that process. Once they subscribe on your site, they will see the following message:


Thank you for subscribing. Please check your mail for confirmation and further instructions.

You may easily remove yourself from the newsletter list at any time, either by visiting the Unsubscribe page on this site, or by following the instructions included with every mailing.

Any emails you add yourself via the Control Panel, you can choose how you want them to be sent, i.e. ask for confirmation email sent, send welcome message or do nothing. I've included the definitions of each below for you.


Ask For Confirmation: If you select this option, a confirmation email will be sent to all the email address(es) you have entered, before they are integrated into your subscription list. The confirmation email will require each addressee to follow instructions to approve or deny their email address be added to your subscription list.

Send Welcome Message: If you select this option, a welcome email will be sent to each email address(es) you are adding to your subscription list. This email also contains information on how to unsubscribe automagically from your newsletter subscription list at any time.

Do Nothing, Just Add Them To The List: If you select this option, all the email address(es) are added to your newsletter subscription list immediately. No emails are sent to the recipients to notify them.

You'll also find this information in our traning manual here:


As for your email part, I'm not quite sure what you mean. We have templates available for download which are for FlexCMS websites - you'll find that here:


If you want to include a free gift link for anyone that subscribes to your enewsletter in the actual welcome email, that's going to require custom coding to the language file as there is no easy way to do that at this time. It's certainly doeable there with some minor programming skills.



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May 11, 2007 @ 12:06am
Forgot to post a Thank You for your response! Yep, it helps to take ones' time when reading manuals - easy to skip over things.

I was able to insert a sentence and download link into the Confirmation email for the newsletter - just had to be careful it didn't break any of the code - but it works like a charm!

Thanks much.... Cris

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