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FlexCMS 2.5 Released!!!!!
Started June 16, 2007 @ 6:04pm by otter
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FlexCMS 2.5 Released!!!!!June 16, 2007 @ 6:04pm
The FlexCMS Development team is pleased to announce the release of FlexCMS 2.5. With it's release, you'll find the following enhancements and improvements include but are not limited to:

Modify Site Preferences:

1) Verify Email Addresses - If enabled, user account registration email addresses will be verified by sending a link which must be clicked before the account may be used.

2) Management Login / Bottom Login Code- Custom HTML code may be used in place of the standard "Management Login" text for the bottom login link, to include an image or other desired effect.

Edit Site Content:


1) Collapsible Categories - Sorted by category.
2) Meta Tags & Keywords Available for every page.


1) Display Blocks Filter - Easily display blocks only on certain pages, page categories, and modules.
2) Mouse Over Images - now available on Block Wizard links to pages.

FlexCMS Page & News/Articles Editor:

1) Added Tables ability to editor (Columns, Rows, Padding (Inside Cells), Spacing (Between Cells), Width x Height (Optional) and Border).
2) Now compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox/Mozilla.



1) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.


1) Multi-photo upload per product increased from 1 to 5.
2) Prices now stored with orders so archived data remains correct after updating prices.
3) Currency options including currency symbol, location (before or after price), decimal symbol, and number of decimal places.
4) Ability to customize the In Stock and Sold Out messages along with the highlight color used for them.


1) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.
2) Increased text box space for both Top and Bottom Text


1) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.


1) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.
2) Page Title Edit the title of your links home page.
3) Collapsible Links in Admin. - Sorted by categories.
4) Increased the number of places to list (category) a link from 5 to 10.


1) Increased the number of categories can be listed from 5 to 10.
2) Three (3) new fields:

a) Article source - Displayed below the date posted field.
b) URL for article source Automatically linked.
c) Footer text - Displayed below article contents.

3) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.
4) Collapsible Categories/Articles - Sorted by categories
5) Category Description Add any text/description for each category.
6) Allow members with create article permission to create and edit their own articles only. NOTE: Still must be approved by Admin.


1) Added delete box on subscriber list for multiple email deletions.
2) Enhanced eNews sending with send batch and attempt limit.
3) Page Title Edit the title of your Archived Messages home page.
4) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.
5) Top Text field Add your own text description/instructions.

Photo Gallery:

1) Extended the length of the description text.
2) Collapsible categories Sorted by category.
3) Title Image - Upload or choose from existing images.
4) Multi-photo upload- Easily add up to 10 photos at one time, including Titles and Descriptions.


1) Lost Password form now functions even when the case used is different from the actual username on the site.
2) Updated installation package with better error checking and new file permission detection and options.
3) Removal of the weekly server connections required, allowing it to now be used indefinitely without connecting to the internet, and also allowing it to function on servers with sockets disabled.
4) New Templates - Three (3) new templates included in full installation packages. Additional styles and colors will be released in the template gallery soon.
5) Updated sorting on Where Are They Now and Members lists.

ONLINE TRAINING CLASSES FOR FLEXCMS IN MAY: FlexCMS Basics (101), Sat., May, 15, 2010 & FlexCMS Blocks (Mon., May 10, 2010).

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