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Case Sensitive Login
Started September 10, 2007 @ 11:43pm by yorkcoparamedic
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Case Sensitive LoginSeptember 10, 2007 @ 11:43pm
I have had several complaint from people signing in that they get rejected when trying to login. We narrowed it down to the case sensitive use of the login and password.

I know case sensitive logins are extra security but I can do without people nagging at me to help them log in all the time.

Is there a fix for this? If not, that is OK I will have to make an extra effort to notify people before they register like using a pop up window or bold text warning in case they have JS disabled.


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September 11, 2007 @ 12:20pm

I wouldn't call that a "fix", so much as a workaround for your users! But yes, it can be done without too much trouble.

You'll need to modify two files:

- Uncomment (remove the two slashes from the beginning) this line (line 31):
$FormArguments['Username'] = strtolower($FormArguments['Username']);
That will convert their username to lowercase when they log in. Usernames are already converted to lowercase when they register due to MySQL limitations, but enabling this line may help avoid some confusion.

- Make a copy of the line you just modified above, and paste it into a new line below. Then change both "Username"s to "Password", so you get this:
$FormArguments['Password'] = strtolower($FormArguments['Password']);
That will convert their password to lowercase when they log in.

- Find the same line you uncommented above (approx line 30), and do the same thing as before, copying it to a new line and changing "Username" to "Password" in both places.
This will convert their password to lowercase when they register. As noted above their username is already converted to lowercase.

Then save both those files and upload them back to your server. You should keep a copy of your original ones in case you need to go back to them for reference. You'll definitely want to test this once you complete it, but it should work without any issues.


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