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A couple more requests
Started September 11, 2007 @ 12:11am by yorkcoparamedic
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A couple more requestsSeptember 11, 2007 @ 12:11am
Member avitars would be nice.
1- 75 x 75 in size placed under the members name in the forum. This could be predefined avitars or custom avitars that users can upload to the images folder or even create a img link to.

2- Special rank avitars. Especially if you have different user groups in the forums. These could be a width upto 75 and height no more than 25 which are specially assigned to each access level.

User groups for the forum:
1- To be able to create user groups would also be nice. Not just access levels. That way people could create a group and leave it open for others to join or lock it down and have to manually assign a member into their group. These could also only be availible if you had a certain access level to use groups, kind of a privilege thing.

Signatures in the forum:
The ability to use a signature in the forum, text or img.

I have group a that relies on the forum very heavily! We have a lot of fun posting messages, making groups, and using stupid little avitars for structure, fun, and decoration. We used to use phpBB2 on the old site which allowed all of this to happen seamlessly. Myself and a few members decided to get away from the blog with links to everything that was external, chat room, bb2, gallery, and so on. Your CMS seamed promising but so far does not cater to forum users. Not that it was supposed too! You have done a wonderful job here dont get me wrong. Just hoping that this could be a possibility in the future so we have something more to look forward too.

Also the above could be controlled by the site admin as turn on/off features.

Thank you very much for listening to me babble on,


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September 11, 2007 @ 12:24pm

Upgrading our forum module to include some of the more "forum-like" features is definitely high on the list for the next version, and the features you requested are some of the ones we've looked at adding. We'll do our best to get those included in it for you.


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