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PHP enabled blocks and Thinkhost
Started March 7, 2009 @ 7:55pm by h
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PHP enabled blocks and ThinkhostMarch 7, 2009 @ 7:55pm
I can get neither the news feed nor the RSS code to run using Thinkhost. I am not allowed to save blocks or pages when PHP enabled is checked or PHP is in the content area.

Has anyone else experienced this? Last time I entered a ticket on this it was a circular "non-supported" "possible bad code" response instead of a "we have set this up as a security issue" answer.

My own skills with PHP have improved since fighting this for over a year, but the problem remains and none of my tests/tricks/ranting has changed that.

Any help appreciated. I really like Thinkhost for a number of reasons, but something has to give.

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March 7, 2009 @ 8:29pm

I can't think of anything off hand that might cause that, but as you say it sounds like some security measure they've put in on their end (don't ya just love those?!). If you'd like to send your FTP and a FlexCMS site admin account to , I'm certainly happy to take a look and see if there's anything we can tweak to make it work, but I'm not optimistic about the outcome.

I used to really like ThinkHost when I first heard about them. They have a pretty good deal in terms of pricing, and the "green" aspect is a nice bonus, but they've had some pretty serious uptime issues lately (see here), which kind of kills the rest of it lol.


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thinkhost redeems its ties to flex...and me!April 7, 2009 @ 5:09pm
All I can say is that Thinkhost has almost as great help as FlexCMS...once the problem is identified as being on their end of the arrangement (even with their uptime issues they are great hosting). I was incredibly annoyed at the security hoo-ha that was interrupting my ability to use FlexCMS with their services because I love FlexCMS and run a fair number of installs!!...but, I happily report that Thinkhost has fixed their issues with the PHP enabled blocks and I am a happy camper.


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