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Mail Sending on GoDaddy (And Other) Servers
Started April 30, 2010 @ 4:07pm by DCSun
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Mail Sending on GoDaddy (And Other) ServersApril 30, 2010 @ 4:07pm
New in FlexCMS v3.2 we added the ability to use an SMTP server for outgoing mail in addition to the previous PHP Mail() function option. If you're using GoDaddy to host your site (I'll refrain from bashing them for the duration of this post!), you'll probably need to change your settings to get mail leaving the site (they seem to be blocking certain outgoing messages, specifically those with headers to make them HTML). Other hosts (particularly those running Windows servers or with very restrictive policies) may also need similar changes.

Go into the Modify Advanced Site Settings section of the site and you'll see the mail options there (in v3.2 and later). Set it to SMTP, enter "relay-hosting.secureserver.net" (without the quotes) in the Server box, leave Port at 25, and set Auth Mode to "None (Private Open Relay)". I would have to assume this is only accessible from within their internal network, but other hosting companies may have a similar one available. The "login" authentication option is also available if you have an SMTP server available that requires you to log in before sending through it.

You also may need to change the Site Email Address in the Modify Site Preferences section, as they seem to be blocking certain domains (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc?) from there as well.

If you're still unsuccessful after making those changes, feel free to open a new topic in the forum or send an email to and we'll be happy to help.


FlexCMS v3.2 Has Been Released!

(This thread is currently Locked) 

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