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Common Windows Problems and Solutions
Started June 1, 2005 @ 11:03pm by DCSun
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Common Windows Problems and SolutionsJune 1, 2005 @ 11:03pm
We've noticed quite a few Windows users running into problems with FlexCMS recently, so we put together a brief section dedicated to the most common problems faced by Windows users and their solutions.

Problem #1:
By far the most common problem for Windows users is that on most configurations (IIS especially), the server doesn't interpret index.php as the file, but rather attempts to treat it as a folder, which makes any FlexCMS pages and functions result in error messages. If your installation seemed to go fine, but any link you click on results in an error message, this is likely the problem you are having.

Please note that this solution only applies to FlexCMS v1.3. If you are using a version prior to that, please update to the latest version before attempting this modification.

Open up your index.php file and on line 84 should be this:

list ($LocationPath, $QSData) = explode('/'.$Settings['ScriptName'], $QS, 2);

replace it with this:

list ($LocationPath, $QSData) = explode('?', $QS, 2);

That should make it capable of using the query string even though your server is not treating it like it normally should. Then, up on line 27 (should be an open space), add this:

$Settings['ScriptName'] .= '?';

Also: You'll need to update your contact and contact-submit pages to function with the modifications above. You can find the updated code here: http://www.flexcms.com/index.php/forum/4/8/1.html

Problem #2:
Much less common, but very frustrating, is a situation where FlexCMS or the installation package displays a number of error messages outside of the normally expected ones (unable to write to file/folder, MySQL errors, etc), or fails to proceed to the second step of the installation. This generally only happens on very strange/creative/restrictive systems, so the solution is much more involved. If you are experiencing problems similar to this, please contact us with the specifics and we'll do our best to help you get FlexCMS installed on your system.

FlexCMS v3.2 Has Been Released!

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(This thread is currently Locked) 

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