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Reviews from Hotscripts.com
Started June 22, 2005 @ 2:11pm by otter
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Reviews from Hotscripts.comJune 22, 2005 @ 2:11pm

Highly Recommended: 2 thumbs up! Excellent product and stellar support!

Date: Apr 16, 2005
Reviewed By: thatdogstore

As a small business owner with basic computer skills, FlexCMS allows me to update my own site without having any programming knowledge. FlexCMS is easy to use and the hosted plan option allowed me to get my website up and running quickly! And to make matters even better - I was also able to purchase my domain name at the same time, which saves me money and time!! I also used FlexCMS' template service to create my own individual design. They were great to work with and helped me to create a very distinctive look. I am very picky and want every "i" dotted and "t" crossed and it was a real pleasure to work with people whose focus is excellence in performance. The small price I paid for this amazing product has paid me back many times over and I am proud to direct people to my professional looking website. Many thanks to the great folks at FlexCMS. I highly recommend it and the support staff rocks! 2 thumbs up!

Up and running out of the box

Date: Apr 18, 2005
Reviewed By: jacmgr

My needs were small but specific: user management, content management, forums, and gallery. I tried many of the free CMS's but none met the requirements out of the box or were so cleanly integrated as FlexCMS. On top of that the support staff was quick and responsive with real answers and solutions. Rather than just suggesting ways to solve my problems, they solved them! I quickly got my site up and running and once I was satisfied that the program would do everything I wanted, I took the plunge and paid for a subscription to add more features. My group members are satisfied with the use as well. Thankx Flex team!


Date: Apr 25, 2005
Reviewed By: usdragnet

I've been using FlexCMS for just about a year now and I have to say it's the best. It is very user friendly,even for the computer illiterate like myself. The support staff is very courteous and there to help when I need them. Uploading pictures, adding HTML and creating pages is a breeze. I also love that I can track the the hits I receive on a daily basis and referring pages, create newsletters, sell merchandise and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm always getting compliments on my site. People think I worked very hard on it, but I tell them it's not me, it's FlexCMS and they can do the same, it's really that easy. Do your self a favor and try it, you will not be disappointed!

FlexCMS is fast and easy!

Date: May 4, 2005
Reviewed By: minniefreak

I've been in graphic design and printing for 25 years and have dabbled in web design for the last 5 years, but haven't really had the time to learn HTML, etc. to the extent I wanted. I quickly found out that building web pages is not as simple to me as using graphic design packages. Recently, a friend referred me to FlexCMS. So, I thought I would try it out. After reviewing the FlexCMS website and playing with their online demo, I felt sure I could use this product for my needs. I purchased the Free Hosted plan and much to my surprise, within a couple hours, FlexCMS support contacted me to let me know my site had been installed and was ready for me to start making pages, etc. I am amazed at how simple FlexCMS made creating web pages. Using my graphic design skills, I was able to create my own template and then sent it off to the FlexCMS template team to do their magic. Within 24 hours, my template was up at my site and I'm thrilled with the entire package! The staff at FlexCMS is very friendly and helpful! I plan to use FlexCMS for all my websites in the future and highly recommend FlexCMS to you! Thanks for making it easy FlexCMS! Sheri Monack

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