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A couple of usability enhancements
Started March 10, 2008 @ 8:57pm by cberks
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A couple of usability enhancementsMarch 10, 2008 @ 8:57pm
Could you please point me to the appropriate code files so i can examine and perhaps make slight modifications to

a) on manage articles screen where it has VIEW, EDIT links to also include a DELETE link

b) on the calendar event input screen have the start time check box pre-checked so that user can uncheck if necessary but default is checked


are you planning to add recurring events (ie each month, each week, each 3rd Wednesday) to future releases

and finally

I have a license for FLEXCMS which is installed on a hosting service and it is used for a church website -- the longterm strategy for the church (maybe be very long!!) is to eventual move to FLEXCXMS hosted by WEBOTTER - am I correct in assuming that if and when they want to do that it would just be a matter of signing up for a hosting agreement and sending a FLEXCMS website dump to them to restore on their hosting service . . .

Regards, Chris

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March 11, 2008 @ 5:25pm

A) This one is going to be fairly complicated. Essentially you'll need to create the file for the first page where you're asked if you're sure and the second page where the actual delete happens. Then you'll need to add a couple lines to index.php (search for whatever file name you end up basing it on) so that they can be processed as functions by FlexCMS. Have a look at one of the other areas of FlexCMS where this is done to see how it works (and you can probably steal most of the code and just change a few lines), such as one that has a -delete.php and -delete-confirm.php file. If that sounds overly complicated, we could also do it for you as a custom programming project for somewhere in the $75-100 range, email if you're interested.

B) This one is pretty easy. All you'll need to do is open up the inc-cl-admin-events.php file, line 232 should contain: "<input type="checkbox" name="UseStartTime" value="y">" which you can change to this: "<input type="checkbox" name="UseStartTime" value="y" checked>".

Yes, recurring events are definitely on the development list. They're pretty messy from a programming standpoint, which is why they've not been added yet. Feel free to make up a list of the options you'd like for when we do get it added.

Finally, yes, moving an existing site to another host (FlexCMS or otherwise), is as easy as copying all the files and dumping/importing the database. If both use the same hosting platform (CPanel, etc), you may also be able to just move the whole site including email accounts and settings.


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