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HTML Validation
Started May 25, 2010 @ 6:05am by 0870711
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HTML Validation May 25, 2010 @ 6:05am
Wow just got a big shock when I tried to validate my website the main page came up with 88 errors and 2 warnings. And this is before I added any content
Can the code be HTML validated, if not, why? this is one of the main SEO requirements.
Even your main page shows 57 errors and 14 warnings

Your thoughts please

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May 25, 2010 @ 10:46am
Hi Kevin,

You're correct, FlexCMS does not do very well with the W3 validator. However, most sites don't either.

For example, here's a few popular sites I ran just for fun:
- HP (donating the server space for the validator itself): 112 errors, 12 warnings
- Google: 46 errors, 2 warnings
- Yahoo: 156 errors, 31 warnings
- Facebook: 42 errors
- Twitter: 15 errors, 68 warnings

Some of the "errors" it finds are stupid or just plain wrong, too. For example, one of the ones it finds on FlexCMS.com is 'Line 40, Column 27: there is no attribute "HEIGHT"' (a table tag). Last I checked the HEIGHT attribute was still allowed in tables!

I also would respectfully dispute the impact of code validation on SEO. I agree that there are elements of it which reflect on SEO, such as having ALT tags on images, and overall making sure the code is as clean and streamlined as possible, but I doubt making your site run through the validation process will do much or anything for its indexing with the search engines. I have a site running FlexCMS which currently ranks #1 out of 5,140,000 results on Google, so I don't believe it does anything to prevent good SE placement.


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